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'Phitness' Philosophy

'Phitness' Philosophy

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Balancing Exercise, Nutrition and Rest.

Posted on November 25, 2019 at 2:55 PM Comments comments ()

If you notice where each named circle, EXERCISE, NUTRITION and REST, interloop, there are areas within them where only two circles are interlooping. Where Exercise and Nutrition interloops for example, weight gain will most likely be your result.

Where Nutrition and Rest interloop, fat gain will most likely be your result.

Where Exercise and Rest interloop, Weight loss will most likely be your result.

So consider this;

EXERCISE is the constructive phase of Fitness. It is how physical work is done to rebuild and renovate in order to enhance the appearance and functionality of the body.

NUTRITION supplys the necessary materials the Systems need to convert into the energy needed to Exercise, and the Building Blocks the body needs to repair and rebuild during the renovation of Exercising.

REST is when the body reassemble the digested Nutrition to formulate suitable recipes from the materials Exercise needs for Renovation, so repairing, rebuilding and rejuvenation can take place during Recovery.

Even though many may lean towards Exercise more than Nutrition, or vice versa, no one part is more important than any other. Being able to balance all three areas to equally complement each system will result in an organized routine that will manifest into FITNESS as shown in the middle where all circles interloop.

Resting and Relaxation

Posted on August 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments ()

Most people tend to pay more attention to two other important parts of a Fitness Training Regimen, which are Physical Training, and Nutrition. But it is during Sleep when Your body most uses the nutrients you consume to Repair and Rebuild your body to achieve your desired goals.

So don't neglect your Zzzzz!

Tend to them Pleazzzze!!!!!!

Accounting for Calories

Posted on August 16, 2014 at 4:25 PM Comments comments ()

Weight control is a matter of Controlling Energy, or Balancing your Calories. It involves manipulating the variables that affect the energy equation. The two related sides of this equation involves the energy we consume in food (calories) and the energy we expend throughout the day largely for two purposes, resting metabolic requirements (RMR) and activity. When these two sides of the equation are equal, that is, calories in are equal to calories out, an isocaloric balance is created.

So understand the 'Energy Equation':-


Intake equal to Output = Maintained Weight, creating an Isocaloric Balance.


Intake greater than Output = Weight Gain, creating a Positive Caloric Balance.


Intake less than Output = Weight Loss, creating a Negative Caloric Balance.

Keeping your 'REP'!

Posted on August 16, 2014 at 4:00 PM Comments comments ()

When doing Bicep Curls for example, pay attention to each of the Three Phases of each Repetition. That is, the Concentric, the Isometric, and the Eccentric. For example, if you take 1 second to fully curl the arm (the concentric), hold in position at the top of the curl and tense the biceps for 2 seconds (the isometric), then take 3 seconds to slowly extend the arm back to the starting position (the eccentric).

It is also important to synchronize your breathing with each rep. That is, Exhale during the concentric phase, and Inhale during the eccentric phase.

(Concentric means contraction of the muscles, eg, the biceps while flexing the arm in Bicep Curl, or the quadriceps in Leg Extension. Isometric means holding with equal pressure to the resistance. Eccentric means relaxing the muscles, eg, the biceps while extending the arm back to starting position in Bicep Curls, or the quadriceps while relaxing the leg back to starting position in Leg Extensions).

A set of 10 to 12 reps done this way with the right weights, will ignite your biceps to flames. 3 to 5 sets of this will give you a much better pump.

Apply this concept to other weightlifting exercises such as Triceps Press downs, Leg Curls and Leg Extentions for better results.

Knowing the Difference

Posted on August 14, 2014 at 11:20 PM Comments comments ()

Most People will embark on a Fitness‬ Quest to Lose Weight‬ and Tone up. This can get confusing if they rely on the scale to help chart their progress (considering their two goals; 'weight' loss and toning at the same time).

Keep in mind that 'Fat' Loss can be different from 'Weight' Loss. Reason is, with weight loss, you'll definitely see it on the scale, but fat loss means losing JUST Fat (which is what most people really want).

While Toning‬ up, your fat‬ will decrease but your muscles‬ will Increase, and thus renders the scale an unsuitable equipment to rely on for charting your progress, simply because it may show you no/or very little weight loss (which can be very disappointing and misleading for many).

Still, this also depends on your fat percentage to begin with. A person who is ‎Obese‬ (25 and over in Fat Percentage for men, 35 and over for women), will indeed be able to use the scale to see a great difference in weight. But for those (under 25%; men, under 35%; women) who are just trying to shred off that little pudge, using a Tape Measure instead will better help to show the improvements in Bodyshaping‬.